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· One min read

Latest updates v3.6+ are now live, introducing the updated Giveaway v2 Re-work alongside a bunch of awesome tweaks and improvements! 🔥

Key Improvements:

  • GW Buttons 🔳 - The new giveaway system uses buttons to register entries, which allows for improved checks as well as removes the need to require users to use DMs.
  • GW Customisation 🛍️ - Three new parameters for giveaways, including description, captcha and serverage.
  • GW Captcha 🤖 - By default, all new giveaways will run with the CAPTCHA check on, reducing the chance of botted entries.
  • Verification System ✅ - Upgraded the Captcha system to an improved flow, including adding time out to prevent spam.

Check out the giveaway feature page for more information about Giveaway System v2 usage.

Make sure to join the Elite Group (support server) for further detailed project notes and to stay updated with the latest Elite news!

Thank you for reading! ⭐

· One min read

Good news! The latest rework update is now live improving the welcome feature! ⚡

This update primarily brings a new customisation option and improves the ease of customisation. The new option allows you to add a fun graphic inside the embed which can be customisable up to 8 different backgrounds. Be sure that this number will grow through time as I find more options. Any suggestions are welcome, hop in the Support Discord Server and let me know!

The other part of the update improves customisation, as the command now allows for modularity, rather than forcing you to setup the title, description and image. The previous command has now been changed to "/welcome config" whilst the toggle command remains the same.

Check out the welcome feature page for more information!

Thanks for reading :D

· 5 min read

This is not a drill, nor an April Fool's prank! ⚠️ ⚡

After a long period of development, I am pleased to announce that the XP System V2 is now out! 🎉

This update has been written up from the grounds up to entirely re-work the XP System. There is a wide range of new features, improvements and system optimisations that this update has brought to Elite Bot's XP System. Check out this blog post for further in-depth information! 🤓