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Welcome to Elite Bot Docs πŸ‘‹

Hi there! Elite Bot is a highly customisable and feature-packed Multipurpose Bot!

Elite Bot brings many essential and unique features together, providing solid all-round functionality. It comes with fantastic customisability with moderation, logging, fun and many more unique features and commands!

Features πŸ’‘β€‹

  • Robust & Customisable XP System 🎚️
  • Discord Logging πŸ“„
  • ChatGPT Feature πŸ€–
  • Dall-E 2 Image Generation Feature πŸ–ΌοΈ
  • Five M & Red M Server Status Feature πŸ“‘
  • Advanced Role Selection Menu System πŸ” 
  • Anti-Spam & Anti-Similarity Feature 🚫
  • Welcome & Join Roles Feature πŸ‘‹
  • Member Count Feature πŸ”’
  • Add URL & Role buttons independently to any message πŸ”—
  • Join a VC to create your own πŸ†•
  • Essential & unique moderation and utility commands πŸ“’
  • And much more...! πŸ‘€

This documentation provides you with all the key information needed about configuring the bot, as well as about each command & module, including usage, examples and customisation options.

Use the left-side bar to navigate around different parts of the documentations. Within each category, there are sub-topics with different information about commands/modules or other features of Elite Music.

If you think that something is missing across any parts of the documentation, you may use "Edit this page" to create a GitHub PR for change (reviewed daily). You can also head over to our Discord server and report an issue there!

Support πŸ†˜β€‹

Need help setting up the bot, experiencing some troubles or simply just want to talk? Feel free to head over to the Support Discord server and join in the conversation!

Found a bug or issue with the Elite Bot? Or you happen to have a fantastic suggestion?

Use the /elitebot bugreport or suggestion command to send it directly to our Support Discord server to be reviewed promptly! It is highly recommended that you join our Support Discord server if you wish to further engage and talk about your issues and suggestions.

Improving these Docs πŸ› οΈβ€‹

Are you interested in contributing to this documentation, or you have some excellent suggestions for the future?

Look no further, you can do so simply by accessing the GitHub Repository or by pressing the Edit this page button at the bottom of the page you wish to edit. This will force you to create a Fork in order to apply your changes.

Once you have done all of the changes, you can create a Pull Request on the Repository from the Fork you previously created! This will be reviewed at the earliest opportunity.

I'm deeply thankful for any improvements! 😁❀️

Key Admonitions πŸ“Œβ€‹

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These are listed below with the appropriate explenation for each.


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