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Adding Elite Bot 🛬

Inviting Elite Bot 👋

Are you ready to invite Elite Bot to your server! 👀

Inviting Elite Bot is simple, all you have to do is follow the Invite Link, select the server that you wish to add Elite Bot to and finally agree to the permissions that are set.


To ensure full functionality, we highly recommend that the permissions below are granted to Elite Bot, otherwise certain features or commands may not function correctly and as expected!

Now hit the Authorize button, and Elite Bot has joined your server! Congratulations! 🎉

In order for the bot to function correctly, certain permissions must be granted for Elite Bot when being invited to your server, or must be edited if Elite Bot is already in your server.

The table below, presents all of the permissions that Elite Bot required in one way or another based on the feature-set and commands currently available. Beside each permission, the Elite Bot feature, module or command which requires the permission is described to provide a clear reasoning for each permission.


We do NOT recommend providing any bot or user with Administrator permission privilage, including Elite Bot. This is because the Administrator permission grants access to everything on your server which is extremely unnecessary, but also unsafe.

Permission NameUsage by Bot
Manage ServerNecessary for many different features, primarily logging as well as moderation.
Manage RolesImportant for logging and role commands.
Manage ChannelsImportant for logging and channel commands.
Kick MembersRequired for the kick moderation command to work.
Ban MembersRequired for the ban and tempban moderation commands to work.
Manage NicknamesFor the nickname command.
Read MessagesTo ensure the bot can log all guild messages.
Moderate MembersEssential for moderation commands, especially the timeout command and feature-set.
Send MessagesAllows the bot to reply and send messages which is important.
Send Messages in ThreadsAllows the bot to send messages in threads.
Manage MessagesAllows the moderation feature to function correctly, including deleting and editing messages.
Read Message HistoryAllows the bot to access all messages for logging.
Add ReactionsAllows the bot to react to messages, especially important for the giveaway system.
Use External EmojisAllows the bot to use custom emojis.
Use Application CommandsIMPORTANT: Ensures that the bot can function at all as it's required for /slash commands!
Mute MembersRequired for the mute moderation command in voice chat.
Deafen MembersRequired for the deafen moderation command in voice chat.
Move MembersRequired for the move moderation command which moves the user to another channel.