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Anti-Spam Feature

Toggling the Anti-Spam Feature

By default, the Anti-Spam Feature is toggled off. You can use the "/toggle antispam" command within your guild returning true to enable (or false to disable).

An Example of toggling the Anti-Spam feature:


Configuring the Anti-Spam Feature

The Anti-Spam feature has multiple configuration options to customise for your needs. Through the "/antispam settings" you can configure how many messages must be set within a specified time (in seconds) to trigger the anti-spam. Additionally, you can set a timegap attribute which specifies the minumum time between messages that the user can send in order to classify as spam.


The default values have been thoroughly tested and work well. These are listed in the example screenshot below! :D

An Example of configuring the Anti-Spam feature:


Toggling additional Text Similarity Anti-Spam

You may also choose to activate the text similarity anti-spam, which checks the sent message with the previous to check if the contents are repeated. This can be toggled using "/antispam similarity" alongise a percentage attribute which refers to how strictly the two previous messages must match (default set to 85% which eliminates most false-positives).

An Example of toggling the Text Similarity Anti-Spam feature:



All time-outs & Anti-Spam activiations are also logged as long as the Logging Feature is toggled on (using /toggle logging)!

An Example of timing out user based due to Anti-Spam:


And... the Anti-Spam Feature is now fully configured and requires no other configuration.