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Community Utilities Feature


Recently Reworked: This feature used to be limited as the "suggestion feature". It has now been changed to be named Community Feature and it incorporates the suggest and bug command within your guild!

Toggling the feature

Firstly, you can toggle the feature on using the "/toggle community" command within your guild returning true to enable (or false to disable).

An example of toggling the feature on:


Configurating the feature

Next, you have to configure the channels which will be used for the appropirate utility, using the "/community [bugchannel/suggestionchannel]" command.

An example of configurating the channel:



Using the feature

Now, users can use the command "/suggest" or "/bug" alongside two inputs title and description which should be included in the output embed.

An example of creating a suggestion:


An example of the embed:


Likewise, the bug command works the same! And... that's it! The community feature is now fully configured and requires no other configuration.