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Fun Commands 🎈

Table of Commands

All commands are listed in alphabetical order! Each command comes with an example and usage description, as well as permission needed to run the command and timeout between each usage in seconds!

/8ball/8ball [question]Get an answer to any question!N/A10 secs
/cat/catSee some cute cats! Meow 😺!N/A5 secs
/chatgpt/chatgpt [question]Ask ChatGPT AI a question 👀N/A15 secs
/coinflip/coinflip [Heads/Tails]Flip a coin!N/A10 secs
/destiny2 vendor/destiny2 vendor [name: XUR/Banshee-44/Ada-1]Get the currently sold items including weapons, armour and mods for any vendor.N/A15 secs
/diceroll/dicerollRoll a 6-sided dice!N/A5 secs
/imagegenerator/imagegenerator [query]Ask Dall-E 2 AI to generate an image 👀N/A60 secs
/insult/insultReturn a random insult (SFW).N/A10 secs
/lmgt/lmgt [search]Someone asking stupid questions? Let me google that!N/A5 secs
/lookup/lookup [ipdomain]Lookup an IP address or hostname with information. (Public Information)N/A30 secs
/meme/memeRequest a random meme from r/memes & r/dankmemes! (SFW).N/A5 secs
/ping/pingPong!N/A3 secs
/psychopass/psychopass [@user]Check the user's estimated crime coefficient!N/A15 secs
/randomgif/randomgif [searchtag]Get a random returned gif matching your tag/key word!N/A5 secs
/rps/rps [choice]Rock, paper, scissors!N/A5 secs
/say/say [message]Tell me what to say!N/A30 secs
/slots/slotsSpin the machine and play a game of slots! 🎰N/A5 secs
/urbandictionary/urbandictionary [word]Lookup a word in the Urban Dictionary.N/A10 secs